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NMSU students launch iPad app for 'Minecraft' players through Studio G

A new startup company launched through Studio G, the student business incubator at New Mexico State University's Arrowhead Center, has developed its first iPad application - a code generator for the popular computer game "Minecraft."

Photo of NMSU student Taylor Burgett
Byteware co-founder Taylor Burgett displays the company's first iPad application, "Superflat." The application serves as a supplement to the popular computer game, "Minecraft." (NMSU photo by Samuel Horstman)

ByteWare Apps, an app design and development startup company founded by NMSU students Steven Berard and Taylor Burgett, created "Superflat," an iPad application that serves as a supplement to "Minecraft." The application was released in December.

"Steven and I have always been interested in starting our own company," Burgett said. "We figured there wasn't a lot of risk, because we really enjoy developing apps and it doesn't hurt us if we just put in our time."

"Minecraft" is a construction-based game that allows players to build objects out of pixelated blocks in a 3-D environment. The ByteWare application helps create custom worlds for "Minecraft." Once a world is created, players can email the code to themselves and friends, all from within the app.

"The people who like 'Minecraft' really like 'Superflat,'" Burgett said. "An app like ours was not out there. There are a couple websites that kind of do what we do, but they weren't that great. We thought our app might have some potential."

Studio G is the first university student business incubator in New Mexico. The incubator was created in 2011 to develop energized, connected and creative student startup companies. NMSU students and alumni who graduated in the last five years may apply to Studio G.

"Steven and Taylor have been two of our star clients," said Kramer Winingham, a program manager for the Arrowhead Center who helps students start businesses through Studio G. "We have been able to work with them to make progress. They have put in the effort and we are proud of them."

Studio G has been essential in assisting ByteWare in starting up and launching the application.

"Studio G has a lot of good resources available," Burgett said. "It is really nice to have this space to keep track of work and stay organized as we move along. It is also nice to have people who have experience and who we can bounce ideas off of."

Currently, "Superflat" is available for purchase only for iPad. The app can be found on Apple's App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/superflat/id764922878?ls=1&mt=8.

ByteWare is working to have the application available in the future on other platforms such as iPhone and Android. For more information on ByteWare, visit http://bytewareapps.com/.