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University reacts to error that resulted in loss of Space Grant materials

As a result of an administrative error, materials utilized for the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium were mistakenly removed from their secured location in a New Mexico State University Wells Hall storage area Feb. 12.

NMSU employees from the Department of Facilities and Services were clearing the storage area to allow the space to be renovated for classroom usage.

?This was an unfortunate incident, but I have been pleased with the quick response from all areas of the university and we have been working together to resolve the issue,? said Patricia Hynes, executive director of the NM Space Grant Consortium.

?Pat is compiling a list of all materials necessary for the continuation and successful completion of the NM Space Grant Consortium?s work and the university will expedite replacement of the items to minimize any impact to the program,? said Angela Throneberry, senior vice president for administration and finance. ?The university regrets the occurrence of this unfortunate mistake.?

The NMSU Police Department is completing their investigation of the reported incident. In addition, the Office of Audit Services is conducting a review of the incident. Based on preliminary reviews conducted, the university considers this to be an unfortunate incident that occurred as a result of an administrative error, Throneberry said.

?As part of their review of the incident, the Office of Audit Services is also reviewing current procedures and internal controls to ensure this type of mistake does not happen in the future,? Throneberry said.