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TRAX International donates $25,000 to NMSU College of Engineering

TRAX International has given half of a $25,000 gift to New Mexico State University?s College of Engineering. The money will be distributed between scholarships, BEST Robotics and capstone engineering design projects.

A man hands a check to another man.
Gilbert Kelley, TRAX International, presents half of a $25,000 gift to NMSU College of Engineering Dean Ricardo B. Jacquez. The remainder of the gift will be presented in December (NMSU photo by Linda Fresques)

Gilbert Kelley, retired president and CEO of TRAX International, presented College of Engineering Dean Ricardo Jacquez with the first half of the corporation?s commitment to the $25,000 gift on April 3. The second half of the gift will be presented in December.

?Our close relationship with New Mexico State University is a win-win situation for TRAX International. Through our scholarships, more students have the opportunity to achieve their educational objectives, and we, in turn, have the opportunity to provide them with exceptional, local, professional job opportunities,? Kelley said.

The gift will fund $10,000 in scholarships. Capstone projects in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and engineering technology also will receive $10,000 of the gift. The remaining $5,000 will go toward funding the New Mexico BEST Robotics competition, which exposes middle school and high school students to the concepts of engineering through a robotics design challenge.

The gift is part of a collaborative partnership between TRAX, NMSU and UTEP to enhance opportunities to recruit top engineering talent from the universities to support work being conducted at White Sands Missile Range. The partnership was established in November 2005 through a formal workforce development agreement signed by each partner.

?This partnership has proven effective in retaining engineering talent in the region,? said Ricardo B. Jacquez, dean of the College of Engineering at NMSU. ?TRAX has been a strong partner in our efforts to enrich the engineering educational pipeline from middle school through college graduation by providing scholarship support and access to real world problem-solving offered through the capstone projects and NM BEST Robotics.?

TRAX specializes in engineering applications, software development, logistics support, test range services, facilities maintenance, multimedia services and IT services. Their headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and they also have locations in New Mexico, Alaska, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Virginia and Maryland.