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New Mexico State theater department to present "Pterodactyls"

The New Mexico State University Department of Theatre Arts and the American Southwest Theatre Company will present "Pterodactyls" March 12-17 at the Hershel Zohn Theatre on campus.

actyls," written by Nicky Silver and directed by New Mexico State faculty member Tom Smith, is a dark, roller coaster comedy about the American family. The play "unflinchingly exposes the problems most families face," Smith said. He said it deals with AIDS, children, love, marriage, fear, class, economics and above all else, denial.

"Pterodactyls" is the story of the Duncan family, who on the outside appear to have it all -- money, class and privilege. As the story exposes the trappings of American life, the characters struggle to keep their family and lives together.

"It spoofs those people who live better than most of us, but who face tough family issues just like everyone else," Smith said. "It explores these issues in an almost slapstick way. It's great fun trying to keep on that line between comedy and tragedy."

The cast of "Pterodactyls" consists of New Mexico State students Darin Cabot and Morgan Aldrich as the Duncan children, Todd and Emma, and Michael Edenfield as Tommy, Emma's fiancÚ. New Mexico State students Sarah Burns and Santino Jiminez play the characters of Grace and Arthur, the Duncan parents.

The costumes are by resident costume designer Deb Brunson and lighting is by guest designer Peter Herman. The set is by guest set designer, Keith McQueen, who is an alumnus of the New Mexico State theater department and has been working successfully as a set designer around the country.

"Keith brings to the process a strong design aesthetic, a sense of humor and a real eye for the world these people live in," said Smith. McQueen's set includes an almost life-sized replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"Pterodactyls" will run for six performances only. It contains explicit language and adult themes. It is not suitable for children. For ticket prices and reservations call the Hershel Zohn Theatre Box Office at (505) 646-4515.

Sarah Wheeler
Feb. 21, 2002