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NMSU hosts 4-H State Conference July 14-17

Invading the New Mexico State University campus donned in green, ?We are 4-H? themed apparel will be the participants and guests of the 4-H State Conference, July 14-17.

4-H logo
Logo for 2014 4-H State Conference (NMSU photo by Amy Zemler)

Based on the movie ?We are Marshall,? the theme provides a unified element to the competitions, contests and workshops.

?It?s more than just a competition,? senior member Elena Davidson said. ?It?s a great opportunity for senior 4-Hers to demonstrate what they have learned for not only the past year, but over their entire 4-H careers.?

With an expected turnout of more than 410 guests, the conference provides many entertaining features to the educational elements throughout the week.

?Some of the highlights include guest speaker, James Bird Guess, electing the new team of state 4-H officers, contests the youth will be competing in, the dances of course, and the business sessions when the team members leaving give their retiring addresses,? said Amy Zemler, 4-H youth activities specialist.

Speaker James Guess, once homeless, is now the president of International Success Academy. He is a world-renowned speaker and consultant, as well as author of the new book ?Tread like Water.?

?Meeting with kids from all over the state, making new friendships, as well as learning from everyone are some of the greatest aspects,? Davidson said. ?The camaraderie goes beyond county borders.?

Participants in the conference will compete in events on topics such as public speaking, horticulture, entomology and range management. An awards ceremony and themed dances will follow.

Davidson, a member with 4-H for eight years, emphasized the leadership potential for senior 4-Hers.

?Leadership in agriculture is important to youth because it is something that many don?t consider pursuing as careers,? Zemler said. ?This event and others make sure to concentrate on essential elements of youth development through generosity, independence, mastery and belonging. The program expands past agriculture in all kinds of project categories that include personal growth, rocketry, wildlife and many more.?

For more information on the upcoming conference, visit http://aces.nmsu.edu/4h/conference.html