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NMSU offers Android app development short course

The Engineering New Mexico Resource Network, part of the New Mexico State University College of Engineering, will offer a short course on Android app development from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Aug. 5-14, on the New Mexico State University campus in Las Cruces.

This course is well suited for entrepreneurs who have ideas for apps and business owners who want to implement business-based mobile applications. Participants will learn how to publish apps and will be shown how to monetize their Android app in the Google Play store.

The teaching tool used for this course does not require extensive programming skills; this course is ideal for non-programmers or entry-level programmers. The only knowledge prerequisite is that participants are competent users of Microsoft Windows and Android operating systems.

Rolfe Sassenfeld, assistant professor of engineering technology in the NMSU College of Engineering, will teach the course. Students will learn how to design and develop a mobile app compatible with the Android operating system. Each class meeting will be divided into two parts. The first part will consist of a lecture with a Q-and-A format based on different technical concepts. The latter half will be devoted to actual app development with hands-on projects that will result in complex working Android apps.

Participants in the course will be required to have their own Android device, either tablet or cellphone. Students also will need a Google account, and if they wish to publish, a Google Developers account.

Anyone with the most basic programming skills will be able to benefit from this course.

The cost of the course is $249. Enrollment is limited. For more information, visit http://engr.nmsu.edu/outreach_apps.shtml. To register, visit: http://nmsuappdev.eventbrite.com.