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NMSU senior university training specialist to receive memorial award

Dave Brockmeyer, senior university training specialist at New Mexico State University?s Center for Learning and Professional Development, has been selected to receive the 2014 Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Staff Award.

There will be an award ceremony in Brockmeyer?s honor from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16, in the Corbett Center Dona Ana Room.

?I was very flattered and speechless for a moment when it was announced,? said Brockmeyer. ?I am absolutely honored to know that my efforts are making a positive difference.?

The award is presented annually to an NMSU employee who demonstrates commitment and service, functioning as a positive citizen within the community. Brockmeyer, a member of the NMSU community for the past eight years, has left an impression on his colleagues through his selfless human resources work.

?The very first part of my personal mission statement is ?I will support others without asking for any recognition or reward, and help them achieve their potential by sharing my knowledge and experience, and giving support and guidance within my area of influence,?? Brockmeyer said. ?This is very important to me, and setting the example of a strong work ethic is a critical element in helping others achieve their potential.?

A nomination letter submitted by CLPD co-worker Dee O?Leary read, ?One of Dave?s attributes is his ability to listen to others.? She adds, ?He doesn?t try to tell others what to do, but listens, observes and provides guidance when asked. He has a way of helping you see things from a different perspective. A saying that he has is ?What can I do to help?? He doesn?t force his views on others; he just wants you to know he is there and ready to assist when you need it. His customer service skills are exceptional. When he communicates with others, he extends a friendly disposition and helpful attitude towards the CLPD customers and the general public.?

Another nomination letter, submitted by CLPD co-worker Jennifer Gabel, read, ?As team manager, Dave does an excellent job of making each of his direct reports feel a part of the team.? She adds, ?He holds team meetings to discuss strategies, projects and goals for the coming year. He created a team operational plan outlining everyone?s current and future job duties for the next three to five years. Dave works well with everyone in the department and leads by example. He never asks us to do anything he isn?t willing to do himself. He facilitates annual meetings with our content owners to solicit feedback and works with SME?s and trainers to produce the highest quality courses.?

The Roberts Memorial Staff Award was established in 1983 in memory of the sons of George W. Roberts, former NMSU assistant vice president for business affairs, and his wife, Ellen Bernice Roberts. Stephen, a 1974 NMSU graduate, and Robert, a student at the time, were killed in an automobile accident in 1978.