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NMSU Library launches G.O. Bond B campaign

The New Mexico State University Library, in collaboration with other supporting partners, will launch a campaign bringing awareness to the benefits of supporting Bond B this upcoming election in New Mexico. In-person early voting begins Oct. 18 and the general election is Nov. 4.

The 2014 General Obligation (G.O.) Bond B will allocate a projected $438,000 for NMSU?s Las Cruces campus to support the updating of materials such as book and journal collections. Other NMSU Library system locations will benefit from Bond B passage as well. The following amounts are projected:

? Dona Ana Community College would receive $97,395
? NMSU Alamogordo would receive $27,943
? NMSU Carlsbad would receive $16,650
? NMSU Grants would receive $9,831

Allocations are based on the number of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full time at each location. If approved, the 2014 G.O. Bond B will enable academic libraries to meet research needs of faculty, students and staff.

?The G.O. Bond B is an opportunity for voters to support their local publicly funded libraries,? Dean of the Library Elizabeth Titus said.