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NMSU?s College of Arts and Sciences announces fall 2014 Graduate Travel Awards

Dean Christa Slaton and New Mexico State University?s College of Arts and Sciences have provided $5,891 in travel grants for 12 graduate students for the period September 2014 through January 2015 to ease the financial burden of conference costs.

The recipients, chosen by the college?s Graduate Affairs Committee, are as follows:

Kenza Arraki, Diane Feuillet and Michael Hayden, astronomy doctoral students, each received a $500 award. Arraki attended the 11th Potsdam ThinkShop: Satellite Galaxies and Dwarfs in Potsdam, Germany with an oral presentation titled ?Comparing Evolving Properties of Satellite and Isolated Dwarf Galaxies.? Feuillet and Hayden will attend the American Astronomical Society conference in Seattle, Washington. Both will present orally, with Feuillet talking about ?The Abundance History of the Solar Neighborhood? and Hayden examining ?Chemical Cartography APOGEE.?

Mark Brown, geological sciences student, received a $500 award to attend the Geological Society of America conference in Vancouver, Canada, where he will present a sedimentology poster titled ?Stratigraphy and Provenance of Mesoproterozoic Strata of the Keweenawan Supergroup within the Midcontinent Rift System, Northern Michigan.?

Quan Do, computer science doctoral student, will attend the International Conference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies and Combinatronics in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he will present orally on ?Modeling Multimodal Healthcare Big Data.? Do received $500.

Matthew Gould, biology doctoral student, received a $391 award to attend The Wildlife Society Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He will present a poster titled ?Estimating the Abundance and Density of Black Bears in New Mexico Using Non-Invasive Genetic Analysis. Workshop on Scientific Publication and Review.?

Abraham Meles and Gonaduwage Darshana Nadeeshan Perera, physics doctoral students, each received $500 to aid with attendance costs. Meles will attend the 4th American Physical Society Division of Nuclear Physics and Physical Society of Japan conference in Waikoloa, Hawaii with an oral presentation titled ?Extracting W Single Spin Asymmetry in Longitudinally Polarized pp Collisions at PHENIX Forward Arms.? Perera will attend the same conference with an oral presentation titled ?Efforts to Measure Drell-Yan Cross Section and Longitudinal Spin Asymmetry in PHENIX Experiment at RHIC.?

David Morales Andrade and Richard Wright, anthropology students, each received a $500 award. Andrade will attend the III Encuentro de Antropologia Social conference in Tlaxcala, Mexico with an oral presentation titled ??Sabores y Saberes? The Relationship of Food and Culture of Mexican Transmigrants to Portales, New Mexico.? Wright will attend the American Anthropological Association conference in Washington, D.C. with an oral presentation titled ?Why Would People Sign up If They Can Come Anyway? The Affordable Care Act on the Ground in the U.S. Southwest.?

Weizhong Tian and David Zheng Wei, mathematical sciences doctoral students, each received a $500 award. Tian will attend the 8th International Conference of Thailand Econometric Society in Chiang Mai, Thailand with an oral presentation titled ?Distortion Risk Measures under Normal Skew Settings.? Wei will attend the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, Texas. His presentation will focus on the ?Joint Belief Function and Shapley Value for the Joint Cooperative Game.?

In addition to student awards, Slaton and the College of Arts and Sciences Awards Committee have approved travel awards for faculty members in two categories. The tenure track recipients for fall 2014 are Melisa Galvan and Elizabeth Horodowich, Department of History; Thomas Hearn, Department of Physics; Jessika Edgar, Department of Art; Carmen Gimenez Smith, Department of English; Michael Hout, Department of Psychology; Zach Toups, Department of Computer Science; and Jim Murphy, Department of Astronomy. The college track recipients are Michael DeAntonio, Department of Physics and Elizabeth Wilcoxon, Department of English.