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New Mexico Child Abuse & Neglect Citizen Review Board seeks volunteers

WHO: New Mexico Child Abuse & Neglect Citizen Review Board

WHAT: Independently review cases of children currently in custody of the state of New Mexico and make recommendations on those cases as well as identify systematic challenges and propose solutions to improve the statewide foster care system

WHERE: http://www.nmcrb.org/interested-in-volunteering/

SCRIPT: The New Mexico Child Abuse & Neglect Citizen Review Board, a statewide program that provides independent and objective monitoring of children who are in foster care, is seeking new members. Board members are volunteers from each county who represent the diversity of their community. All members are required to attend trainings that focus on child welfare. The perfect candidate is expected to want to improve the child welfare system, be able to devote one weekday a month, be willing to make a long-term commitment and be able to access and use a secure computer. Regular meetings are held in various counties across the state to review the status of foster children and identify systematic challenges in the foster care system. The Citizen Review Board uses this information to make recommendations to judges, families and state legislature with the goal of improving these children?s lives. Those interested in volunteering can apply at http://www.nmcrb.org/interested-in-volunteering/.