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University official says arrest of protester should have been avoided

The arrest of a New Mexico State University faculty member who was participating in a protest Saturday morning should have been avoided, said Ben Woods, the university's vice president for human and physical resources.

ret that the incident occurred," said Woods, whose responsibilities include the campus police department. "On behalf of the university, I apologize not only to Dr. Boje but also to others who were there with him."

David Boje, a professor of management, was arrested for failing to identify himself to an officer responding to a complaint from a sorority house on University Avenue, according to campus police. The protest was taking place on the sidewalk in front of the sorority house.

Boje was released later and no charges have been filed against him.

"The incident is under review and we will take whatever action is necessary to see that it is not repeated," Woods said. "The folks who were gathered there have a right to express their opinions, even if others don't agree or feel the location is not appropriate."