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NMSU?s CLABS begins spring 2015 Speaker Series

New Mexico State University?s Center for Latin American and Border Studies will host Charles Harris and Ray Sadler at 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, at the Nason House, as part of the spring 2015 Speaker Series.

Harris and Sadler, NMSU emeritus professors, will discuss their recently published book, titled ?The Great Call-Up: The Guard, the Border and the Mexican Revolution.? The book examines the U.S. National Guard?s role in the Mexican Revolution. In addition to Harris and Sadler?s presentation, CLABS will host three other guest speakers throughout the semester.

?The Speaker Series at CLABS offers the community some of the latest scholarship on the border and Latin America covering a broad range of countries and disciplines,? CLABS director Inigo Garcia-Bryce said.

On Wednesday, March 4, Federico Finchelstein, of the New School of Social Research in New York, will discuss Argentina?s ?Dirty War,? a time when the country?s government engaged in massive human rights abuses.

On Thursday, March 12, Marianne Bowers, a recent NMSU graduate student, will educate attendees on the health care needs of migrant workers in the border region.

Wednesday, April 1, will host Fulbright Scholar Sulthon Sabaruddin for a lecture addressing the growing Latin America and Asia connection, focusing on Latin American and Indonesian relations.

Lastly, NMSU Sociology professor Alison Newby will present her latest research on the entry of Cubans into the private sector on Thursday, April 16.

?I think that these talks are an excellent opportunity for the Las Cruces and NMSU communities to learn about Latin America from a variety of internationally-known scholars,? NMSU Library Border & Latin American specialist Molly Molloy said.

The series began on Wednesday, Feb. 4, with a lecture by Barbara Tenenbaum of the Library of Congress. She discussed the famed Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and the sage of his lost leg.

Every talk of the semester is scheduled at 4 p.m. at the Nason House. Those interested may access the full schedule at http://clabs.nmsu.edu/spring-2015-speaker-series/.