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New Mexico State University conducting ADA priorities survey

The Architect's Office at New Mexico State University is conducting a survey to help set priorities for enhancing the accessibility of the campus for people with disabilities.

who has noticed or experienced any current physical barriers on the campus is asked to share the information through the survey, which can be completed online at http://www.ppd.nmsu.edu/ada_survey.htm.

Results of the survey will help the university decide how to use its share of state funds earmarked for accessibility improvements at the state's colleges and universities. The statewide education bond issue approved by voters last fall included $2 million for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) improvements.

"New Mexico State University's share has not been determined yet, but we know it will not be enough to take care of all the accessibility needs on campus," said Richard Kaselow of the University Architect's Office. "We're hoping this survey will help us set priorities and take care of the needs that are most important to people."

The survey encourages people to report any problems with building areas or rooms, parking lots and curb cuts, and other barriers to accessibility, such as bathroom stalls that are too small for wheelchair use.

People without access to the Web can send comments to University Architect's Office-ADA, MSC 3545, New Mexico State University, P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001. Those who have questions or need help completing the survey can contact the Architect's Office at (505) 646-1016 or access@nmsu.edu.

Responses should be submitted by May 2.