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Delegates from Mongolia visit NMSU to learn about education and democracy

Five delegates from Mongolia National University of Education will visit New Mexico State University for a continuing collaboration, discussing different scholarly activities from March 16-21.

NMSU is the only U.S. university MNUE has connected with at this level for four years with an agreement signed by both universities. Candace Kaye, from NMSU?s College of Education, has been the ongoing liaison between the two universities. She was a Fulbright Teaching and Research Scholar from 2010-2011 in Mongolia.

?I am always excited for these meetings,? Kaye said. ?It is interesting that as a post-Soviet Bloc nation, Mongolia was the only nation to choose a democratic form of government. It is exciting to help support their development of democracy in their young country through educational reform.?

MNUE is the only higher education institution in Mongolia that offers programs and supports pre-service and professional development of teachers.

The NMSU College of Education has had several delegation visits to MNUE since 2011 and the March 2015 meeting will be based on planning from NMSU?s most recent visit to MNUE in October 2014.

The focus of the meeting concerns graduate programs and curriculum. The goals and objectives of future actions will focus on online development, English language support and action research.

During the week the MNUE Vice President of Academic Affairs will lead the delegation to the Las Cruces campus. They will then travel to Santa Fe. New Mexico State Sen. Mary Kay Papen will recognize the Mongolian Delegates at the state legislature. They will then visit the new Santa Fe Community College Higher Education Center. In Santa Fe they will learn distance education programming, and discuss further opportunities and possibilities for Mongolia, a nation with only one city and a high rural population.