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PREP receives $50,000 from the Intel Foundation

The New Mexico State University Las Cruces Pre-freshman Engineering Program (PREP) recently received $50,000 from the Intel Foundation.

wonderful program. It works with students that with a little encouragement and help can make that next step towards college," said Jim Reed, education manager for Intel's New Mexico Public Affairs Office.

Las Cruces PREP is a seven-week, academically intense summer program designed to prepare pre-college students for careers in science, engineering and mathematics (SEM). The three-level program incorporates academics with hands-on activities and field trips.

"PREP's purpose is to identify potential scientists and engineers, and then to motivate them and help keep their interest alive," said Richard Fischer, PREP's director.

The program is part of a national consortium of Hispanic Institutions called Proyecto Access, which is funded by NASA through the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

"The NASA and the UTSA money give the basic infrastructure and 40 students, the Intel funds allow us to increase the student population and increase their academic experience," Fischer said.

For summer 2003, the program has accepted 140 students from the Gadsden Independent School District, and the Hatch Valley and Las Cruces Public Schools.

To participate in the free program, students may begin as early as the sixth grade and attend for three years prior to college entrance. They must have an overall 3.0 grade point average, a 3.0 in their mathematics course and in either their science or English course. They also must submit an application.

Other contributing sponsors include the Hewlett Foundation, the Jerome and Joyce Cutler Shaw Foundation, Las Cruces Roadrunner Transportation, the Gadsden Independent School District and the Hatch Valley Public Schools.

For more information on PREP, contact Richard Fischer at (505) 522-9114.