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Representatives from Mexican technological schools visit NMSU

Fourteen representatives from a group of Mexican technological schools recently visited New Mexico State University as part of an agreement between the two institutions signed this summer.

Representatives from Tecnológico Nacional de México, or the National Institute of Technology of Mexico, included the institute?s director general Manuel Quintero Quintero, his staff members from Mexico City and eight presidents of technological universities in northern Mexico.

?We are working towards partnerships in academic research, innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities, as well as exploring opportunities towards increasing graduate enrollment and undergraduate exchanges,? said Norma Palomino, assistant dean of Graduate Enrollment and Admission in NMSU?s Graduate School.

The recent visit was a follow-up meeting to NMSU President Garrey Carruthers? visit to Mexico City in July to sign a partnership agreement with the Tecnológico Nacional de México, also known as TecNM. Joining Carruthers was NMSU Vice President and Provost Dan Howard, Associate Provost for International & Border Programs Cornell H. Menking, Vice President for Economic Development Kevin Boberg and Jorge Ramos, director of corporate development at Arrowhead Center.

?Many action items resulted from the visit, including plans to work more closely on distance education projects, economic development projects that include industry, students and faculty, student exchange programs, and perhaps most importantly detailed next steps to accommodate up to 1,000 TecNM students by 2018,? Menking said. ?NMSU is planning to accept 300 students next year, and many of them will start with intensive English courses in IBP?s Center for English Language Programs, then matriculate into master?s programs in the fall and spring.?

Boberg said the 300 students will also participate in an internship program with Arrowhead Center to learn about technology commercialization.

Menking said the recent visit by TecNM was funded and organized by the Office of International & Border Programs in collaboration with the NMSU Graduate School and NMSU?s Office of the Vice President for Economic Development.

TecNM consists of 266 universities with 556,000 students enrolled in their institutions, constituting one-eighth of all students enrolled in higher education in Mexico.

During the two-day visit to NMSU, extensive meetings were held with university leadership, including Menking, Boberg and Graduate School Dean Loui Reyes.