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Model UN member gets recognition at competition

New Mexico State University student Jennifer Evans was one of seven college students to be honored with special recognition during this year's National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference in New York April 15-19.

a senior government and law and society major, participated in the conference as a judge in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights with six other college students from around the world.

"I was overwhelmed going into it," said Evans, who was nominated by the government department for this year's Outstanding Graduate Award for the College of Arts and Sciences. "It was a real challenge and the other six judges were very bright students. But once we got in there...I was more at ease."

Every year, 2,600 delegates and faculty members representing colleges and universities from around the world gather in New York to better understand the United Nations and contemporary international problems.

"The conference forces students to really get into someone else's shoes and leave their American identity at the door," said Jason Ackleson, a college assistant professor of government. "The conference comes at such an important time. The next generation of leaders get to experience at an early age what international community is all about."

While Evans was discussing whether the fundamental human rights shall apply to all human beings irrespective of a specific migratory status, 23 other New Mexico State students were participating in committees and representing Ecuador.

"They all had unique and rewarding experiences in diplomacy and negotiation," Ackleson said.