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NMSU?s ?Global Connections? event shares French history and architecture

From the rocky coast of southern Normandy to Notre-Dame de Chartres, Associate Professor Roger Mellen tells stories of his excursion in his upcoming ?Global Connections? talk presented by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Large church with two spires
Notre-Dame de Chartres, one of the medieval structures that Roger Mellen will be speaking about at his talk for ?Global Connections? on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 5 p.m. at the Health and Social Services Annex Auditorium, Room 101A. (Courtesy photo)
Tall church with one central spire coming out of an island in the water.
Mont-Saint-Michel, an island in Normandy located just off of the northwestern coast. (Courtesy photo)

Mellen, who works in the journalism and mass communications department, will present ?Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres: Monuments to Medieval Faith? from 5-6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12, at the College of Health and Social Services Annex Auditorium, Room 101A.

?My first trip to France was during college, bumming around for a summer,? Mellen said. ?This is where my interest in these buildings initially started, and I?ve been researching and learning ever since.?

With religious buildings dating back over 700 hundred years, Mellen plans to give insight to the rich history that comes with them. Today these structures are recognized as great art, but the greater purpose of the statues, stained glass, and the extraordinary stature of these stone monuments can sometimes be forgotten. Mellen intends to bring these to light for those who attend.

?These monuments all have a story to tell about medieval faith,? he said. ?They were also used as a way to communicate to and teach an illiterate public.?

The ?Global Connections? series features faculty members? trips around the world. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for the NMSU and Las Cruces community to listen and ask questions about these first-hand experiences.

?I hope to both entertain and illuminate,? Mellen said. ?So that people can see some really impressive images, but also see them in a different light and understand a bit more about what this amazing art and architecture accomplished.?

All ?Global Connections? events are free and open to the public. For more information on the College of Arts and Sciences? ?Global Connections? series, visit artsci.nmsu.edu.