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NMSU graduate student earns Ford Foundation fellowship

Scott Izu, a second-year graduate student at New Mexico State University, has received a 2004 Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship. Izu, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics at NMSU, will receive a $17,000-a-year stipend as well as $6,000 for tuition and research expenses each year for three years.

Izu, a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, said his ultimate goal is teaching. "For a long time, I have dreamed of being a prominent university professor," Izu said. "I have a strong belief in the power of the human spirit and hope to be a driving force for the education of the underprivileged."

Izu began his studies at NMSU in the fall of 2003, after graduating from Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in mathematics. He also earned a minor in electrical engineering and computer science and the Percy Lionel Award for Excellence in Mathematics, Highest Honors and Highest Distinction.

At NMSU, Izu worked through the university's Honors College in applying for a number of fellowships and scholarships, said Jason Ackleson, coordinator of the college's Office of National Scholarships and International Education.

"It's a very prestigious award," Ackleson said. "The Ford Foundation doesn't give many out. And it's been a while since a student has won one of these. It's a major dollar amount."