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New Mexico State University to visit Farmington

High school students and parents interested in learning more about New Mexico State University will have the opportunity to meet with NMSU representatives including current students Tuesday, Feb. 8.

The session, sponsored by the NMSU Office of Admissions, will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Best Western Inn and Suites, 700 Scott Ave.

Representatives from each of the six colleges will be present to give students information in breakout sessions, where students will be able to ask questions about the colleges. Staff from admissions, financial aid and housing also will be present.

"This program gives prospective students the opportunity to learn more about what NMSU has to offer," said Stephanie McKenna, admissions adviser.

The program will include on-site admissions where students are able to bring their high school transcripts to determine if they will be admitted. Financial aid also will award scholarships to those applicants who qualify.

Student ambassadors will be present to answer any questions students have regarding college life and offer any help to interested students.

"We think students find it easier to talk to a peer," said McKenna. "A current student's perspective may have a lot of influence."

For more information on the program, contact NMSU's Office of Admissions at (800)-662-NMSU (6678).