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Children's Theatre Workshop to present "The Wind Hat" at NMSU

Seventeen Las Cruces children participating in the Children's Theatre Workshop at New Mexico State University will present a free performance of "The Wind Hat" at 6 p.m. Friday, June 20, at the Hershel Zohn Theatre.

Alyssa Brillante as the North Wind and Aria Furth as Joshua portray a scene from "The Wind Hat," which will be performed at 6 p.m. Friday, June 20, at the Hershel Zohn Theatre. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

Wind Hat," spoiled princess Belissa (Ashley Edwards) takes a magical wind hat from an old sailor named Janerius (Alfredo Cordova). The hat takes Belissa into the kingdom of the North Wind (Alyssa Brillante). Along the way Belissa meets a wood sprite, snow giant Burobudor and the Frost Queen (Chelsey Motes, Eiden Rische Bloom and Cadence Furth).

King Rufus and Queen Wisteria (Tyler Thompson and Cadence Furth), send loyal servant Joshua, superstitious Ruperteen and ambitious Agintine, (Aria Furth, Billy Zimmerman and Becky Keller) to save their daughter.

Other cast members include Olivia Garcia, Alice Johnson-Hales, Eileen Moralez, Megan Thompson, Evelyn Ross, Audrey Schaefer and Sandra Zimmerman.

"The Wind Hat," directed by Ruth Cantrell, theater department head, and written by Martha Goodman, is the conclusion of the first of two Children's Theatre Workshops to be held this summer. This workshop was open to children in grades 2-8.

The second workshop on improvisational comedy, open to children in grades 7-12, will be held July 14-25. The cost of the workshop is $125. Tom Smith, assistant theater professor, will teach participants short-form improvisation, with a free final performance on July 25.

For more information call the Department of Theatre Arts at (505) 646-4515.