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New Mexico State University to host computer science camp for Native Americans

New Mexico State University will host 21 students and faculty members from Native American tribes around the state for the 5th annual Native American Computer Science Summer Camp (NACSSC) July 6-26.

high school students, four tribal college students and two teachers will participate in NACSSC. Participants will get hands-on experience with high-end personal computers and scalable processor architecture workstations and learn about mathematics, computer science, robotics and Web site design. They will learn about Microsoft XP and Linux operating systems and the programming language Microsoft Visual Basic, which they will use to program small robots. On weekends, participants will travel to Intel Corp., Sandia National Laboratories and White Sands Missile Range.

"Students will not only learn the importance of computer knowledge, but they will also realize the important role they play as computer programmers," said Sarah Tsosie, Native American Computer Science Program coordinator.

High school students from New Mexico chosen to participate in this year's program are Amberiah Klinekole and Samuel Klinekole of Mescalero; Elyssia Apachito and Theandra Marthell, Magdalena; Floyvin Yazzie, Navajo; Jaclyn Billy, Prewitt; Jermane Henry, Sheepsprings; Juakeene Martinez, Gallup; Krystle Smith, Yah-ta-hey; Merlin Fragua and Wilmer Toya, Jemez Pueblo; Nathanael Willie, Brimhall; Rachael Huff, Fruitland; Shalene Chiquito, Bloomfield; and Stephen Haskie, Crownpoint. Glenda Davis of Tsaile, Ariz., was also chosen for the program.

Participating college students are Douglas Begay, Felecia John and Jonathan Tsosie from Crownpoint Institute of Technology (CIT) and Shirley Washburn from Dine College. Participating teachers are Kenneth Hammons from Fort Wingate High School in Arizona and Ralph Dickey from CIT.

The purpose of NACSSC is to increase the number of Native American graduate and undergraduate students majoring in computer science. The program is funded by the National Science Foundation.