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NMSU and EPCC commit to improve the process of credit transfers

The presidents and chief academic officers at New Mexico State University and El Paso Community College agreed today to improve the process of transferring academic credits from the community college to the university.

Richard Rhodes, left, El Paso Community College president, and Jay Gogue, center, New Mexico State University president, sign an articulation agreement to improve the process of transferring academic credits from the community college to the university. EPCC Academic Affairs Vice President Dennis Brown, right, and NMSU Provost William Flores, not pictured, also signed the agreement. (New Mexico State University Photo by Darren Phillips)

During a ceremony at the Gadsden Center of NMSU's Dona Ana Branch Community College, NMSU President Jay Gogue and EPCC President Richard Rhodes signed an articulation agreement that "signals a major effort by top administrators at both campuses to smooth the process by which credit is awarded at New Mexico State for courses taken at EPCC," said NMSU Provost William Flores.

"This is a great collaboration between the two institutions. Both institutions put students as our highest priority," Rhodes said. "The idea is to help students move through their higher education experience, to remove as many barriers as possible. This agreement is a tremendous success for students."

Flores said the two schools already had a number of department-to-department affiliation agreements, but this is the first time the issue has been addressed at the institutional level. He said NMSU has established a task force to develop more articulation agreements with the university's branch campuses and other community colleges in the region.

"This is the most exciting for those we serve," said Gogue. "It's important that institutions in our area can work together to benefit the people we serve."

Rhodes said NMSU is a natural partner because of its proximity to EPCC. Seventy-eight EPCC students transferred to NMSU in Fall 2002.

"It is our responsibility to make the transfer process easier," said Dennis Brown, EPCC's vice president for academic affairs. "We want to transfer their successes at EPCC to NMSU."

Students can begin applying immediately for articulated credits in more than 300 courses. For more information call Raul Ramirez, assistant to the provost at NMSU, at (505) 646-2127.