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Center for Latin American and Border Studies at NMSU receives funding

The Center for Latin American and Border Studies at New Mexico State University recently received $250,500 in funding for the next three years from the U.S. Department of Education's National Resource Center.

Title VI funds provide an infrastructure for the center to exist," said Jose Z. Garcia, the center's director. "It provides a platform for us and faculty to develop programs dealing with Latin America and border issues."

The funds will support various programs at the center such as Frontera NorteSur (FNS), community education and language, curriculum, faculty, student and resource development.

FNS is a free, online United States-Mexico border news source that publishes daily news stories from Tijuana, Mexicali; Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua; and the Matamoros-Reynosa-Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, area. It provides monthly in-depth stories on different aspects of the border, such as immigration, commerce, environment, transportation, politics, health, security, women's rights, human rights and infrastructure.

The center provides classes on Spanish and Portuguese, recommends changes for undergraduate and graduate curricula and offers a free border studies curriculum for junior high and high school students, which includes 20 lesson plans, materials and activities.

The center offsets travel costs for faculty to attend professional and scholarly conferences related to Latin America and sponsors seminars on the United States - Mexico border in collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso and the Colegio de la Frontera in Mexico. It also publishes research articles on Latin America submitted by faculty members and other scholars and has sponsored faculty and graduate student research.

The center also supports the Student Association for Latin American Studies (SALAS), recruits Hispanic students interested in careers in international relations and has sponsored courses on Mexican culture and a Mexican film series for students and faculty. The center offers as many as two grants up to $500 each year through the Nason Foundation to undergraduate and graduate students traveling to Latin America.

The center sponsors faculty who teach Latin American courses at other universities in New Mexico and a speaker series of scholars engaged in research on Latin America. It offers training for public school teachers on Latin American topics, funds library acquisitions related to Latin America and has trained Central American municipal and community leaders in public administration.

The center also receives significant funding from the Hewlett Foundation to study border water issues, communicate with Mexican colleges and universities and publish books on border issues.

The center is located in the Nason House near the corner of University Avenue and Espina Street. It was the original residence for the college president and his family in 1918 and was renovated by the Nason family in 1983. The family also provided a large endowment that is used for the Nason Foundation's student grants.

For more information on the Center for Latin American and Border Studies, call Garcia at (505) 646-6816.