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Courses approved for Flight Training Program at New Mexico State University

Ten courses have been approved by New Mexico State University's Campus Curriculum Committee for the university's Flight Training Program, said Jeff Miller, organizer of the new program.

one huge step closer to reality," Miller said.

The courses that have been approved are private pilot ground training, private pilot flight training and certification, instrument ground training, instrument flight training and certification, commercial ground training, commercial flight training I, commercial flight training II and certification, certified flight instructor ground training, certified flight instructor flight training and certification, and multi-engine ground/flight training and certification.

All flight training/certification courses will be taught as labs at the Las Cruces International Airport, and are expected to be in the university's next course catalog. The courses to be offered during fall 2004, the start date of the program, depend on who registers for the program, Miller said.

Miller has received more than 130 inquiries about the program since the announcement of the proposed flight school was made in June.

"We still have a lot of work to do," he said. "We still need to get our FAA certification, work out facility issues, acquire the aircraft, and we still have some funding issues to work out."

Miller added: "But the strength and uniqueness of the program is that it's a professional option that can be added to any traditional baccalaureate degree program. We also are looking to add it on to graduate degree programs as well."

For more information about the program, contact Miller at (505) 646-3370, flight@nmsu.edu or visit their Web site at www.fly.nmsu.edu.