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New Mexico Space Grant Consortium awards scholarships

Sixteen New Mexico State University students received $47,000 in scholarships from NASA through the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium (NMSGC) for spring 2004.

e Research Fellowships and Undergraduate Research Scholarships are awarded to students who work with faculty on funded research projects.

Education Scholarships are awarded to education majors allowing recipients to develop the math and science materials for their student teaching assignments.

NMSGC awarded eight Graduate Research Fellowships worth $4,000 each to Erica Gerken, Stephen Mark Nelli, Bhasker Moorthy, Marc Bourdon, David R. Sultimeier, Brian Palmer, Derek Powell and Daniel Vasquez.

Gerken is researching "Radiative Feedback in the Large Magellanic Clouds," Nelli is researching the "Innterrelationship Between Dust and Water Cycles in the Martian Atmosphere" and Moorthy is researching "Stellar Populations in Bulges of Spiral Galaxies." Bourdon is working on "El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization Land Use Model," Sultimeier is working on "Hypergravity cDNA Library Construction Using Paraffin Embedded Samples" and Palmer is working on "Accessible Navigation of Mathem." Powell is working on "Assembly of Micro Devices" and Vasquez is working on "Microassembly for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems."

Four Undergraduate Research Scholarships worth $2,000 each were awarded to Ryan Peters, who is researching "Inner Ear and Hypergravity," Vincent Romero, who is working on "University Nanostat Program," Edgar V. Pedrego, who is working on "Micro-Electro-Mechanical Sensors for Process Variables" and Rose S. Chavarria, who is researching "Remote Sensing Studies in Water Utilization."

Two Education Scholarships worth $2,000 each were awarded to LaVon DeAnda, a special education and elementary education major, and Steven Montoya, a curriculum and instruction major.

The Len Sugerman Scholarship was awarded to Lyle Young, a chemical engineering major. The scholarship is named after Len Sugerman, a retired Air Force colonel, Physical Science Laboratory employee and NMSGC scholarship donor.

The Wendy Avery-Traylor Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Melodie G. Young, an elementary education major. The scholarship was named in memory of Wendy Avery-Traylor, the former NMSGC scholarship recipient who died in a car accident earlier this year.

For more information about these scholarships, contact NMSGC at (505) 646-6414 or visit http://spacegrant.nmsu.edu.