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Barnes & Noble partners with NMSU's College of Education

Following Barnes & Noble's national tradition of supporting literacy programs in local communities, the Las Cruces Barnes & Noble has partnered with the America Reads/Counts Challenge Program directed by New Mexico State University's College of Education.

ntage of sales from a special opening this fall started a library fund that will be added to periodically for a lending library of children's and young adult literature. The library will be organized and housed with the NMSU Department of Curriculum and Instruction's America Reads/Counts Program for use by the program's tutors.

The children's literature library also will be available for participants in the Let's Read Program in the NMSU Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders.

"By partnering with the university, we have made the books available to more students in different age groups," said Diana Bristol, community relations manager at the Las Cruces Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble has already donated more than $600 toward the library.

The America Reads/Counts Program has provided reading and mathematics tutors to local schools for six years. The program employs 40 to 50 university students each semester. Each university student tutors three to five children two or three times per week throughout the semester. The program has provided tutoring assistance to more then 1,000 children.

"This one-to-one tutoring can make the difference between a child being successful or failing in school," said Stan Lopez, director of the America Reads/Counts Program.