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Philosophy Department presents guest lecture on topic of conscience

Can a person really follow his or her conscience?

That is the question Frederick Schueler will be addressing in an upcoming guest lecture at 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 2 in the Commons area of the Honors Building.

Schueler is a philosophy professor and the department chair at the University of New Mexico. His specialties include ethics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of action.

"The principal of conscience says it is wrong to act contrary to your own deepest moral convictions," Schueler said in a prelude to his paper on the topic. "I argue that this produces a serious dilemma: Either it simply certifies that all our deepest convictions as true, no matter what they say, in which case they can have no objective grounds, or else it is not even logically possible to actually follow this principle."

Schueler is the author of numerous articles and symposium papers including "How Can Reason be Practical?" and "Why 'Oughts' are not Facts."

The lecture is open to the public as well as to students and faculty.