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University president calls for tolerance

New Mexico State University President G. Jay Gogue today issued a call to the campus community for "tolerance, civility and reason" in the wake of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., last week.

sident asked the university community to "set the example as a peace-loving community in which differences are celebrated."

The text of the president's statement follows:

"Our university community, like communities across America, is feeling grief, anger and disbelief in the wake of the horrendous acts of terrorism that took place on September 11. As our national leaders develop appropriate responses to these unprecedented attacks, we as a university must also look for ways to respond appropriately. One need is especially clear, and that is the need to reaffirm our commitment to tolerance, civility and reason.

"One of New Mexico State University's greatest strengths is its diversity. All of our students, faculty and staff, regardless of nationality, are valued and vital members of our community. Mutual respect and mutual support are always important, and especially so in times of crisis.

"I wish I did not feel a need to make these points, but history offers too many examples of misplaced anger and suspicion threatening the freedom, even the physical safety, of individuals and groups of people because of their national origins or ethnic backgrounds.

"Stereotyping is unacceptable, and rational people will not allow it to happen in our community. We have many international students and faculty members on our campus and, as I said at last Friday's memorial service, it is imperative that we set the example as a peace-loving community in which differences are celebrated.

"This is a time for unity -- on our campus, across our nation and internationally."