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New Mexico State receives $50,000 Wallace grant

The Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds have awarded a $50,000 Ventures in Leadership Grant to New Mexico State University's College of Education to develop models for training educational leaders on both sides of the New Mexico-Mexico border.

el, "Preparing for the Superintendency," will be developed by inviting state and national leaders and administrators from both New Mexico and Mexico to plan an innovative field-based, mentoring model to prepare administrators for the position of school superintendent. The goal is that the model program will prepare culturally competent, bilingual and bicultural professional leaders who will promote success for all students in border areas, said Malu Gonzalez, head of the university's Educational Management and Development Department.

"We all know administrators, especially those in border areas, must understand issues connected with schooling large numbers of Spanish-speaking immigrant students. We must collaborate with our counterparts in Mexico to plan for successful educational experiences on both sides of the border," Gonzalez said. "We are grateful to the Wallace Funds for their vision and the grant in helping to get this groundbreaking program started."

The Wallace Funds' Ventures in Leadership program aims to help nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations and public schools around the country test innovative ideas for improving educational leadership, according to Mary Lee Fitzgerald, director of education programs at the Wallace Funds. Through December 2001, Ventures in Leadership will award about 50 fast-track grants of up to $50,000 each for ideas that offer promising approaches for attracting, training and supporting principals and superintendents to improve student achievement, Fitzgerald said.

Ventures in Leadership is part of LEADERS Count, a national initiative by the Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds to place quality leadership at the core of school reform and to build a new field of knowledge that helps improvements spread on a broader scale.

"We are pleased to offer Ventures in Leadership awards that will bring innovative approaches to the way we view and respond to the crisis in educational leadership," Fitzgerald said. "We believe that these ideas will foster new partnerships between states, communities, schools and districts that will ultimately result in improved student achievement."

For more information, visit the Wallace Funds Website at www.wallacefunds.org.