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More new student orientations to come

Six orientations for beginning new students and their families will be held at New Mexico State University throughout the summer. The next ones are July 26-27, Aug. 3 and Aug. 18-19.

ientations are designed to acclimate the students to campus life, have them meet with academic advisers, and let them enroll for the upcoming semester," said Mary Berry, coordinator of special projects.

Upon arriving at the orientation, the students and their parents are given the option to stay in the residence halls to help them become familiar with the campus. Once checked into their dorms, the families are invited to participate in programs designed to educate them about university issues that may directly affect them.

Different aspects of the university experience, such as how to register for classes, when to drop classes, financial aid opportunities, improving study habits, and other information about campus life are explored in these programs. By the end of the orientation, Berry hopes "to have expelled some anxieties in these beginning freshmen, have them enrolled for classes, and let them know of places where they can go if they need help."

With six orientations offered at different times during the summer Berry is hopeful that all new students will be able to attend one of them. The first of these orientations was completed on June 11 and the student staff of 12-14 worked with an estimated 1,200-1,400 prospective students and their families.

Other orientations were held June 24-25 and July 14-15. The remaining sessions are scheduled for July 26-27, Aug. 3, and Aug. 18-19. The Aug. 3 orientation is a one-day session designed for incoming freshmen who already have a working knowledge of campus functions.

By the end of summer, an estimated 2,500-2,600 students and their families are expected to have attended one of the orientation sessions.

"Despite the large sizes of the orientations, the general content is the same for all and the staff tries to meet individuals' needs and concerns," Berry said.

The orientations give students the chance to meet with an academic adviser and go over possible majors and appropriate classes for the upcoming semester. This is required of all beginning freshmen before they register. Barbecues, dances and other social events are offered during the evening for those attending the day-and-a-half orientations.

For more information on admissions or New Student Orientations, call New Mexico State's Admissions Office at (505) 646-3121.