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Physical Science Laboratory receives Technology Leadership Award

The Physical Science Laboratory at New Mexico State University has received the Frost & Sullivan 2001 Market Engineering Technology Leadership Award for its work in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

the first time that Frost & Sullivan has made an award to a university.

Frost & Sullivan, an international market consulting company, tracks emerging technologies and ongoing research and development projects to identify pioneering companies and organizations.

The company cited the Physical Science Laboratory's creation of the Technical Analysis Applications Center (TAAC) to address issues and hindrances facing the developing UAV market. The mission of the TAAC, now in its third year, is to foster and enhance the safe integration of UAVs into the national air space and to promote the expansion of civil and commercial UAV applications.

Potential applications for unmanned aerial vehicles range from monitoring large areas for forest fires to alternatives to satellite-based communication systems. The TAAC is developing new technologies, regulatory criteria and operating standards for assuring that UAVs can fly safely in the same air space as manned vehicles.

The TAAC is headquartered at Las Cruces International Airport. Its work is funded primarily by NASA.

"We are pleased to receive this recognition from Frost & Sullivan," said Steve Hottman, TAAC director. "The international regulatory conference that the TAAC just co-sponsored in Paris, France, along with the Frost & Sullivan Award, are evidence that the TAAC is both a national and international leader positioned to help the U.S. UAV industry retain dominance in the marketplace."