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Antenna developed by local man flies on satellite

An antenna developed by Bruce Blevins, telecommunications team leader for the Electromagnetic Systems Branch at New Mexico State University's Physical Science Laboratory, successfully operated on a satellite carried into orbit as part of the latest space shuttle mission.

The antenna flew on NASA's Texas Spartan satellite, SP201-05, used to investigate the solar atmosphere and flares, global magnetospheric structure and dynamics, and upper atmospheric structure and energetics. The microstrip patch antenna was used for communications between the space shuttle and the Spartan satellite, and between ground stations and the Spartan.

Blevins developed the antenna before joining PSL, while operating a local company called Tesota Products. He is continuing to develop antennas with PSL, which designs and builds antennas for a wide range of uses. PSL makes antennas for spacecraft developed by the U.S. Air Force and by Lockheed Martin Astronautics, among others.