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Current proposals would not eliminate tuition waivers for Texas students

Some news reports have misrepresented the potential impact of two proposals for limiting a tuition waiver program that allows some Texas residents to attend New Mexico State University at in-state tuition rates, according to NMSU officials.

onough, NMSU vice president for business and finance, said neither of two proposals that have been discussed publicly would eliminate the tuition waiver program or require students on the waiver to begin paying out-of-state tuition rates, as several news reports have suggested.

The tuition waiver program allows Texas residents who live within 135 miles of a New Mexico university to attend the university at in-state tuition rates. At NMSU, about 1,300 Texas students received the waiver in the fall 2003 semester. Texas students must meet specific grade requirements to qualify for and keep the waiver.

A proposal from the Legislative Finance Committee would cap funding for the tuition waiver program at last year's level. Another proposal, suggested by Gov. Bill Richardson, would increase tuition for students on the Texas tuition waiver by 15 percent.

"Neither of these proposals would eliminate the waiver or require students on the waiver to pay out-of-state tuition rates," McDonough said. "We are in favor of maintaining the tuition waiver program as it is, and we believe there is strong support for doing so."