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Intel and Microsoft donate to NMSU engineering computer lab

The Intel and Microsoft corporations have donated computers and software valued at $90,000 to upgrade the computer laboratory in New Mexico State University's College of Engineering.

rs in the laboratory, which is used by students to do projects and by professors for teaching, had become inadequate to carry out basic engineering and computer science tasks, said Holly Ricketts, a system technologist in the engineering technology department.

"They were trying to teach AutoCAD (computer aided drafting) in the classroom, but the machines' resources couldn't handle it. They'd freeze up," she said.

Over the course of a year, Intel donated 25 computers valued at approximately $60,000 and Microsoft donated software valued at approximately $30,000, she said.

"The state-of-art Engineering Computer Laboratory at NMSU, made possible through generous donations from Intel and Microsoft, supports students majoring in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and engineering technology," College of Engineering Dean Jay B. Jordan said.

"Over the past several years, engineering has become a very computer-intensive discipline. This laboratory allows us to give our students a great education and, at the same time, keep costs down," he said.