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New Mexico State University's business college receives gift from Ernst & Young

New Mexico State University's College of Business Administration and Economics recently received a $15,000 gift from Ernst & Young, a global leader in professional services.

rd will help establish two scholarships, the Ernst & Young Current Use Bridge Scholarship and the Ernst & Young Business Leaders Current Use Scholarship Fund.

"Supporting higher education is important for a number of reasons," said Ellen J. Glazerman, executive director of the Ernst & Young Foundation. "In a profession such as ours, intellectual capital is our most fundamental asset. We believe that it is our charge to work with institutions of higher education to ensure that the profession continues to thrive as we service the capital markets appropriately. We support NMSU because this fine institution attracts and develops an inclusive group of students, which aligns with our values of creating and supporting and inclusive pipeline of well-qualified students to enter the business world."

The bridge scholarship will be used to award seven $1,000 scholarships to freshmen and sophomores enrolled in the business college and the business leaders fund will be used to award four $2,000 scholarships to upperclassmen majoring in accounting and finance.

The scholarships will be awarded in fall 2004.