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NMSU sponsors Innoventure Competition

Space commercialization and tourism encourage teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation at the Innoventure Competition scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 24, at the New Mexico State University Golf Course. The event is a collaborative effort between the university and the New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement program.

f middle-school and high-school-aged students from southern New Mexico will be presenting original inventions related to the aid and advancement of space commercialization and space tourism.

"The competition is intended to encourage students to combine engineering and innovation with entrepreneurship and business skills," said Marie Haaland-Borchert, director of education and outreach for the Suborbital Center of Excellence at the Physical Science Lab. "We want to foster a deeper understanding of how technical advancements are made."

Students were assigned mentors from NMSU, Western New Mexico University and New Mexico Tech to work closely with the teams. They provided management help, business expertise and encouragement.

Teams will present a product prototype, design logbook and business plan. They also must give an oral presentation and present a company/product Website or marketing display.

"We recognize that for the future, engineers must also know about the business end," Haaland-Borchert said. "For them to understand what private industry wants, they need to know every aspect of it, not just engineering."

Bianca L. Granado
Feb. 21, 2006