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Nominations for Social Justice Award needed

The New Mexico State University Department of Government is accepting nominations and applications for the fourth annual Social Justice Award.

rd, worth a minimum of $250, recognizes and honors a member of the NMSU student body, faculty or staff who has volunteered to help create a more just society. Forms of social justice activism may include efforts to eliminate disparities in economic conditions, facilitate political involvement, work against inequality and prejudice, promote peace or nonviolence or make the community a better place for all. Previous recipients have engaged in community organizing, the advancement of tolerance and the protection of free speech.

"The Social Justice Award recognizes NMSU students, faculty or staff who have contributed in terms of service to the local or global communities," said Sally Meisenhelder, a former NMSU student who helped establish the award. "Many people are deserving of this award. We welcome donations that will enable us to give out more Social Justice awards."

Applicants or nominators must describe in no more than one typed page how they or the person being nominated has impacted the local community through the promotion of social justice, reflecting a commitment of time, passion and energy beyond one's employment or general activities as a student. The writer must provide concrete examples of the work that was done and how the work has contributed to fostering a more just place to live. Also, a copy of a resume or CV should be submitted if the person applying or being nominated is a member of the faculty or staff. The person submitting the letter should provide appropriate contact information, including a current phone number.

Letters of application and nomination should be submitted to the Social Justice Award Committee, Department of Government, Breland Hall, Room 337, no later than 5 p.m., Friday, March 3, 2006. Letters may be sent through campus mail to MSC 3BN, but must be received by the deadline. Applications and nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee comprising mostly individuals outside the Department of Government. The selection committee may choose more than one award winner. Each person honored will receive a minimum of $250, subject to university policies and procedures. As a condition of being selected, the recipient(s) must attend an awards ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, March 29, 2006, and will help in the promotion of the Social Justice award in the future.

For additional information or to make donations to the Social Justice Awards program, contact Dr. Bill Taggart in the NMSU Department of Government at 646-4935.

Bob Nosbisch
Feb. 9, 2006