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Carbon sequestration Web presentation to be shown at NMSU

An interactive, multi-state discussion will be shown via the Internet at New Mexico State University and Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, Dec. 16.

sentation, titled "Sequestration Issues Impacting the Environmental Sector, State and Local Governments and Tribal Nations in the Southwest," will be hosted by the Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration. Carbon sequestration is a process of storing carbon in underground geological formations or in soil and vegetation.

The southwest regional partnership is one of seven regional partnerships of state agencies, universities and private companies funded by the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy department to help determine the best approaches for capturing and permanently storing greenhouse gases that can contribute to global climate change.

The Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration includes Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah and portions of Kansas, Nevada, Texas and Wyoming. It is comprised of a diverse group of experts representing 21 state government agencies and universities, electric utilities, oil and gas companies, non-governmental organizations, the Navajo Nation and federal agencies.

The partnership will characterize the sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the southwest region and use an assessment model to rank technologies and propose specific sequestration sites to the Department of Energy.

The partnerships were created to help meet the President's Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI) goal of reducing greenhouse gas intensity by 18 percent by 2012. They will help to identify and deploy commercially-ready sequestration technologies for the 2012 technology assessment mandated by GCCI. Regional approaches are needed to address the various geographical differences in sources of greenhouse emissions and sequestration sites across the nation.

The purpose of the interactive Web cast is to provide a briefing on the status of the project and to obtain feedback from decision makers to ensure that the issues impacting the state of New Mexico are effectively addressed. Diverse input is critical in identifying potential sites in New Mexico for sequestration technology deployment, which is the primary objective of Phase II of the project.

The presentation is free and open to the public. To register to attend the session at NMSU or SFCC, call Patricia Sullivan at (800) 523-5996. For more information, go to www.southwestcarbonpartnership.org.