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ConocoPhillips gives $20,500 gift to NMSU's business college

Five New Mexico State University graduates who work for ConocoPhillips recently visited the NMSU campus to present a $20,500 gift to the College of Business Administration and Economics.

From left to right: Tommy Sanchez and Maria S. Schick, ConocoPhillips employees and New Mexico State University alumni, present Garrey Carruthers, dean of the College of Business Administration and Economics, a check for $20,500. (Photo by Tom Weiser)

Maria S. Schick, Tommy Sanchez, Manny Ortiz, Luci Coca and Brett Winward attended a reception to present the gift in support of the accounting and finance departments.

The gift will be distributed as follows: $5,000 for the accounting department; $5,000 for accounting scholarships; $5,000 for the finance department; $5,000 for finance scholarships; and $500 for the Hispanic Business Student Association.

"We appreciate the work that you do to get these students ready," Schick, an adviser with the company, said during the presentation.

The importance of internships was also expressed by the alumni.

"Internships give you the opportunity to network, get an idea of what kind of opportunities are out there, as well as the experience of applying what you are learning about in class to the real world," Coca said. ConocoPhillips consistently recruits interns from NMSU, about two to three a year.

"We really appreciate their efforts," said Pete Dillaway, head of the accounting department. "This year, in fact, they increased the amount of the scholarships. It's really a wonderful thing for us, and we'll be able to put it to good use helping our students."

ConocoPhillips, a Houston-based international, integrated energy company, also participated in NMSU's Career Expo 2004.