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New Mexico State University launches a new online experts' resource

Wondering what motivates someone who commits a hate crime? Looking for someone to discuss academic integrity, the development of children diagnosed with ADHD or youth violence? Reporters or others searching for expert sources now have a new resource available online at New Mexico State University's Web site.

ity faculty can be a valuable source of expertise for the media and others. To encourage contact between members of the news media and experts from NMSU, University Communications and Marketing Services, in partnership with Information and Communication Technologies, has created an online searchable database of faculty listing a variety of expertise.

More than 350 NMSU faculty are currently listed in the system as well as some "Hot Topics," which are specific lists of experts available on topics prominent in the media.

The online guide can be searched by name, department or subject and often more than one expert will surface in the search process. This new guide replaces, consolidates and improves upon earlier versions of online expert databases at NMSU.

The new guide is available at http://www.nmsu.edu/~ucomm/database/index.php. To find it from the NMSU home page (http://www.nmsu.edu) click on "More News" under "Campus News and Events" and then click on "NMSU Experts" listed under "Other Resources."

For more information call University Communications and Marketing Services at (505) 646-3221.

Julie M. Hughes
March 3, 2006