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New Mexico State University regents approve 8 percent increase in tuition and fees

The Board of Regents of New Mexico State University today (Thursday, April 13, 2006) approved an 8 percent increase in tuition and required fees for most students at the main campus in Las Cruces for 2006-07.

es for housing and meals also were approved, as well as tuition and fees for NMSU's community college campuses.

Three percent of the tuition increase was needed to offset a 3 percent "tuition credit" included in the university's state appropriations for 2006-07 - a reduction in appropriations that in essence required the university to increase tuition by that amount to stay even.

"We aren't starting at zero, we're starting at 3 percent," said Board of Regents President Steven Anaya.

The additional increase will provide more funds for programs that have grown significantly and that need to grow more, such as nursing education, teacher education and distance education, and new programs that the university considers high priorities, such as the Creative Media Institute, recruitment and retention programs, and enhanced graduate education programs. Together with a 2 percent internal reallocation of funds within the university, the plan approved by the regents will provide about $5 million for high-demand, high-priority programs.

"We have got to put money where this university is growing," Regent Robert Gallagher said. "I applaud the administration for coming forward with this proposal. If we're going to be a premier institution we have to decide what we need to do and fund it."

Tuition and required fees for full-time undergraduate students who are New Mexico residents will increase by $156 per semester, from $1,959 this year to $2,115 for 2006-07.

Texas residents who live within 135 miles of the main campus will also see an 8 percent increase, to $2,229 a semester.

The undergraduate rate for other nonresident students will increase by 4.5 percent, to $6,901.80 per semester. The smaller increase for this category was meant to make the university more competitive in recruiting out-of-state students.

Rates for graduate students will increase by the same percentages, to $2,271.60 for in-state students, $2,398.80 for Texas residents within 135 miles, and $7,086.6 for other nonresidents.

Rates at the community college campus will increase by amounts ranging up to 8.9 percent, depending on students' residency. For full-time students who are in-district residents, tuition and fees will increase by 8 percent at NMSU-Alamogordo, to $648 a semester; by 4.4 percent at NMSU-Carlsbad, to $564 a semester; by 4.4 percent at the Dona Ana Branch Community College, to $564 a semester; and by 6.4 percent at NMSU-Grants, to $600 a semester.

Housing rate increases ranging from zero to 5 percent were approved to cover increased operating costs and provide for capital improvements. New rates will range from $1,372 to $1,613 per semester for various residence hall options. Monthly rates for family housing units be $541 for two-bedroom homes and $735 for four-bedroom apartments.

No increase was proposed for student apartments, which range from $1,680 to $1,902 per semester. And on a motion by Sherry Kamali, the student member of the Board of Regents, a proposed increase for Greek organization housing was eliminated, leaving the rate for these units at $1,728 per semester. Kamali said an increase would be unfair because the Greek facilities have not seen the level of improvements that other types of housing have.

Meal plans will increase at rates ranging from zero to 3.98 percent for 2006-07. The new semester rate for the standard board plan will be $1,175, a $45 increase over the current rate. The additional funding is needed to cover increased operating costs and allow continued program enhancements.

April 13, 2006
Karl Hill