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Workshop to focus on improving student achievement

In an attempt to enhance the effectiveness of standardized testing, New Mexico State University's Alliance for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is working with Las Cruces Public Schools Professional Development Center to offer a professional development training session from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. July 10-13.

sion, "Analyzing Data to Improve Student Learning," will examine how test scores may be more effectively studied to maximize student success. The workshop is sponsored by the Alliance for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, the College of Education at New Mexico State University and the Las Cruces Public Schools.

"The demand for schools to meet annual yearly progress is becoming more urgent, and it is evident that teachers and administrators need to better understand how to utilize test scores in order to inform instruction and improve student outcomes," said Eric J. Lopez, NMSU's Stan Fulton Chair for the Improvement of Border and Rural Schools.

The Alliance for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is involved in promoting education throughout New Mexico. Alliance members include Alamogordo Public Schools, Las Cruces Public Schools, Mesilla Valley Economic Development and the Commission on Higher Education, as well as the colleges of agriculture, arts and sciences, education, and engineering at New Mexico State University.

The Alliance for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning strives "to collaboratively contribute to the success of children throughout New Mexico and the educators who serve them."

The workshop is open to teachers throughout New Mexico and costs $75, which will cover the cost of materials and supplies.

For more information, visit http://education.nmsu.edu/projects/alliance/.

Austin Craig
May 9, 2006