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NMSU celebrating "Reading Is Fun Week"

To celebrate Reading Is Fun Week, the staff and children of New Mexico State University's Myrna's Children's Village are launching a reading list program to make book selection for infants through elementary students easier for parents and grandparents.

l Reading Is Fun Week is a time for kids, teachers and parents to celebrate how much fun reading can be. Sponsored each year by Reading Is Fundamental, a children's literacy group, the week-long celebration is intended to help kids stay interested in reading over the summer.

"Children are never too young for books," said Christi Rubin, a teacher in the village.

This year, Reading Is Fun Week will be May 14-20, but the staff and students of Myrna's Children's Village will launch their reading list at a coffee social at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, May 11, to make sure it is available before university families start their summer break.

The informal social also will recognize the efforts of Cheryl Wilson, associate dean at the NMSU Library, who has been donating books to the village in her friends and family's name as birthday gifts. Aggies for Kids, a volunteer group whose aim is to help increase the capacity and services of the village, is hosting the coffee and will be having a discussion on how to build on Wilson's idea to develop an official library at the village. Tours of the village will be available starting at 10 a.m.

The reading list designates different books for different age groups and includes tips for things to look for in a children's book at each level of development.

Students at the village also were asked what their favorite book was for inclusion on the recommended titles. Five-year-old Leah said her favorite book is "White Rabbit's Color Book" because "he gets all colored." Rachel, also 5 years old, likes "Watch Them Grow" because "it has animals and I like animals," she said. Four-year-old Tristan likes "The Foot Book" because "his feet stick out of the bed." Dylan, 5, enjoys "There's a Wocket in My Pocket" because "there's lots of stuff in it - lots of weird things."

It is the goal of the village to eventually make the recommended reading list available at local children's book retailers. In the mean time, information on the services of Myrna's Children's Village or copies of the reading recommendation list, are available by calling (505) 646-1651. For more information on Reading Is Fun Week, visit http://www.rif.org/.

Julie M. Hughes
May 8, 2006