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Students with disabilities to learn about space stations

Thirty area high school students will participate in the RASEM-Squared Summer Science Institute (RASSI 2006: Space Station Inc.) June 19-23 at New Mexico State University.

gram gives high school students with disabilities the opportunity to further their knowledge in science and mathematics. The theme for this year is space stations and the focus is on the structure, power and life support systems within them.

"Students will use the International Space Station as a model and create their own space stations using materials such as foam board, glue, straws and Popsicle sticks," said Richard Turietta, program coordinator for RASEM-Squared.
In previous years students participating in RASSI have studied and constructed robots, rockets, Web pages, hot-air balloons and solar powered automobiles.

For more information on RASSI or RASEM-Squared contact Turietta at (505) 646-2484 or rturiett@nmsu.edu.

Austin Craig
June 14, 2006