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Former Chicano Programs Director establishes endowed scholarship

Memories of attending graduate school at New Mexico State University while taking care of six family members prompted Narcisa Zarate to consider establishing an endowed scholarship for other Hispanic students at NMSU.

After completing her graduate studies, while teaching at NMSU, Zarate often heard students say that she was the first female Hispanic professor they ever had.

That was just another reason Zarate felt she needed to create the scholarship.

The establishment of the Dr. Narcisa Zarate Endowed Scholarship marks the first time a Hispanic female former employee has established an endowed scholarship at NMSU. The first Narcisa Zarate Scholarship will be awarded this fall. One student each semester will be selected to receive the full-tuition scholarship.

Zarate, now retired, taught at NMSU and was associate director of NMSU Chicano Programs from the late 1970s to the late 80s.

She earned a master's degree from NMSU in 1959. She then taught at public schools in Gadsden, N.M., Canutillo, Texas, at the New Mexico State School in El Rito and for the United States Air Force.

Then, in the early 70s, Zarate decided to return to NMSU and pursue a doctoral degree in education on one condition: if she received financial aid.

Urged by her advisor, Zarate competed for and earned a fellowship which paid for her studies. She received her Ed.D. in 1976.

Applications for the Zarate Scholarship are currently being accepted by the Chicano Programs Office in Garcia Annex, Room 138. The scholarship is open to Hispanic students born in New Mexico who are sophomores or higher. Undergraduate applicants must hold at least a 2.5 GPA and graduate applicants must hold at least a 3.0 GPA.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is June 1 and the first recipient will be announced in the fall.
Joy Victory
May 20, 1999