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"Texas Rangers" wins another prestigious award

"The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution," a book by Charles H. Harris and Louis R. Sadler, has won another award and is a finalist for a third literary prize.

as Historical Commission awarded the collaborative work the T.R. Fehrenbach prize "to recognize your outstanding contribution to the field of Texas history." The award typically goes to significant contributions to history based on original research.

The book also is one of three finalists for the Texas Institute of Letters Friends of the Dallas Public Library Award, which recognizes books making significant contributions to knowledge. That winner will be announced in late April. The book already has won the Spur award from the Western Writers of America as the best contemporary history of 2004.

The Harris-Sadler collaboration is the first Ranger history to use archives from the Mexican government and declassified FBI records on the Mexican Revolution. The book has been controversial, Sadler said, because there seems to be a general unwillingness to recognize that the president of Mexico could have "bounced around the president of the United States" and played a clandestine role to spawn violence along the border.

According to the authors' statement on the back cover, that violence led the "governor of Texas to order the Texas Rangers to wipe out the insurgency along the border. This resulted in an estimated 300 Hispanics being killed by the Rangers and others without benefit of judge and jury."
Sadler said, "Here's a case where people simply became cannon fodder, and Venustiano Carranza, the president of Mexico, wanted it to happen."

"Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution" was published by University of New Mexico Press.