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NMSU revamps scholarships to be competitive, more inclusive

New Mexico State University has revamped its scholarship structure to be more competitive with regional universities and give more students access to awards, said

ruett, director of financial aid and scholarship services.
The changes include implementing two new scholarships, the NMSU Leadership and Crimson Honors.

The leadership scholarship, awarded to incoming freshmen, rewards outstanding academic achievement and leadership. The award covers tuition and fees plus $1,000 per semester. Leadership scholars participate in NMSU's Honors College, the state's only honors college, and conduct undergraduate research or undertake creative arts projects.

The Crimson Honors scholarship application serves as a single-form application for the scholarship, the Crimson Scholars Program and admission to the Honors College. The scholarship covers tuition and fees plus $500 a semester. It is awarded on a competitive basis to incoming freshmen from New Mexico with outstanding academic and extracurricular records.

Other modifications include increasing the requirements to the President's Associates Honors scholarship to be more competitive with regional universities; broadening the criteria for the Regents scholarship to allow more students access to the award; and renaming the Regents Plus scholarship to Crimson Academic. Students awarded the Crimson Academic scholarship will be eligible to apply for the Crimson Honors. The Opportunity scholarship has not been changed. In addition, the deadline date to apply for the President's Associates Honors and the NMSU Leadership scholarships is Jan. 16.

The changes will affect incoming freshmen beginning their college careers in fall 2006.

"We are trying to be more competitive with everyone else, and keep students in the state," Pruett said. "Plus, it makes for more opportunities for our students."

For more information on scholarships and financial aid, contact the office at (877) 278-8586, (505) 646-4105, finaid@nmsu.edu or go to fa.nmsu.edu.