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Albuquerque company donates equipment to NMSU Department of Surveying Engineering

Students studying surveying engineering at New Mexico State University will benefit from a new program developed by Surveyors Service Co. of Albuquerque.

Shown at a recent ceremony announcing an ongoing donation of surveying equipment to New Mexico State University are (l-r) Stan Mahler, president of Surveyors Service Co., and Steve Frank and Kurt Wurm from the NMSU Department of Surveying Engineering. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

his program, Surveyors Service Co. will provide NMSU with approximately $240,000 of the latest instrumentation to use on an annual basis at no cost. In addition to conventional surveying equipment, the donation includes six pieces of surveying equipment with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology as well as two pieces of radio-controlled "robotic" surveying devices that require only one operator instead of the usual two.

"This equipment will allow us to put state-of-the-art technology in students' hands even in our most basic surveying courses," said Steve Frank, head of the Department of Surveying Engineering. Currently, Frank said, equipment with GPS technology has been available only to students enrolled in upper-level classes.

"This will give them familiarity with that equipment right from the beginning," he said.

In addition to surveying engineering majors, Frank said civil engineering and civil engineering technology students taking surveying courses will benefit from the equipment.

Surveyors in New Mexico also will benefit from the new program. At the end of one year, this equipment will be made available for sale to the New Mexico surveying community at a discounted price, and a new set of the latest equipment will be provided to NMSU. Thus, NMSU will continue to have the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation on an ongoing basis.

"We look at this as a win-win situation for NMSU and New Mexico surveyors," said Stan Mahler, president of Surveyors Service Co.

NMSU offers the only surveying engineering program in New Mexico. About 35 students are enrolled in the program.
"The NMSU survey program is recognized as one of the top survey programs in the country," Mahler said. "It plays an important role in providing degreed surveyors to the New Mexico surveying community. It is vital that the program be able to have the very latest in survey instrument technology for students to use on a daily basis, even in the most basic surveying courses."

Frank said the donation will help the program recruit students and maintain its accreditation.

Established in 1926, Surveyors Service Co. is a major dealer of instrumentation and supplies for the surveying industry, with six stores throughout the Southwest from Southern California to New Mexico. The company has worked with Leica Geosystems Corp. to develop the survey equipment loan program for NMSU. Leica Geosystems manufactures top-of-the line survey instrumentation and is known worldwide as a leader in innovation and quality products for the surveying industry. Its products include the new SmartStation technology, which combines traditional surveying and GPS technologies in a single instrument.