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NMSU Journalism department reaccredited

While there are approximately 330 journalism and mass communications programs in the nation, only one out of three is accredited. New Mexico State University's program continues to be among those meeting the high standards needed for accreditation.

tional reputation continues to be enhanced by this," said Department Head Frank Thayer, who pointed to a surge in the number of students who declared a major in journalism and mass communications in the spring 2005 semester.

The Journalism and Mass Communications program at NMSU also is the only accredited such program in either the state or the region. Students would have to travel to Lubbock, Texas, Boulder, Colo., or Tucson, Ariz., to find another approved program in the immediate Southwest.

The accrediting council made its decision May 6. Among the criteria considered in such accreditation are curricula that ensure students learn the role of journalism in a democratic and diverse society, highly qualified faculty and high standards in instruction.

"The (council's) decision underlines the excellence demonstrated by the program and several council members expressed praise for the standards and success of the NMSU unit as viewed from a national perspective," Thayer said.

"Good writing is at the center of what we do," he noted. "It is a skill that many schools lose sight of in pursuit of high technology. Our students must pass an entrance test to be admitted to the journalism program."

The department was established in the fall of 1965 and first sought national accreditation in 1998/'99.